Future Prized Possession


As I get ready for the upcoming sailing trip next May, I have a feeling that a book bag filled with Ziploc bagged notebooks will end up being my most prized possession. This will be what I use for my journaling. Plain old spiral notebooks written in my smallest possible handwriting to chronicle the six months to two years I will be on the coastal seas.

These humble books would (if they weren’t in a book bag) most likely be ignored by thieves, but they will be the most irreplaceable of items. Sure, I’ll probably bring my netbook and some USB drives but to conserve power, I will do my writing the old-fashioned way: on paper.

I’m looking forward to the adventure!



Well, we didn’t leave in 2013. My friend Dovid had to deal with some legal issues that he knew would take time. May 2014 we went to Oregon where the boat was. The boat was not quite big enough for two of us so in July 2014 Dovid got a bigger boat. I was in school in 2015 learning maritime studies and got a basic certification in seamanship (but not a license). I ended school in April this year and since then we have been getting the gear we need piece by piece. We have a new sail date of June 2017. Things are coming together! If you would like to follow our preparations and travels once we get going, this is our website: https://emunaendeavor.org/


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