#WBW = Write Bloody Wednesday — #1: Derrick C Brown made me cry…

This is going to be a new weekly thing for me to highlight and share poets who’s work I admire. It just so happens that a lot of the poets I admire most are published by Write Bloody.

I may as well start with the big Kahuna of Write Bloody Derrick C Brown himself.

From the Write Bloody website:

Derrick Brown

DOB: 2/7/1973

Brown, former paratrooper for the 82nd Airborne, gondolier, magician, and fired weatherman, now travels the world and performs his written work. As a poet, he has toured or performed with indie rock act, Cold War Kids, The Flaming Lips and Comedian David Cross. About.com called his latest collection, Scandalabra, one of the best books of 2009. To date, Brown has performed at over 1500 venues and universities internationally including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Glastonbury and La Sorbonne in Paris. He is the founder and Captain of Write Bloody publishing.

The first time I ever saw Derrick Brown I had never heard of him before in my life. I was supporting two things at once by showing up to the show he was performing at. #1 being my favorite Phoenix, AZ venue The Paper Heart and #2 being my favorite slam master Bob Nelson of Mesa, AZ founder of Anthology.org. I already LOVED the local poets and scene and really wasn’t expecting much from this Derrick guy… and then… HE TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY!  I of course bought his CD (All Black Cinema if you were wondering) and as it so happened, he was one of the poets opening for Saul Williams show in Flagstaff that I was going to the following night. Turns out he isn’t just an AMAZING poet, but an all around cool guy. All of that happened back in 2007 and I have absolutely poetry stalked him ever since!

Me and my friend Kristin hanging with Derrick C Brown after the Saul Williams show 4/20/2007

OH! Almost forgot! I guess I should explain the title of this entry “Derrick C Brown made me cry” huh?

As I mentioned above I bought his CD All Black Cinema and played the heck out of it. His smooth voice was just so soothing it was the perfect way to unwind after work with a glass of 3 Buck Chuck from the Trader Joe’s up the street. Later that year I had some heart break and the soft almost melancholy tone of his poetry was too much to take and when I listened to it the effect was no longer relaxing but more throwing me deeper into the emotional pit I was already in. So OK…Derrick C Brown did not HIMSELF make me cry. but his poetry sure was a catalyst for emotional catharsis. Hey, sometimes you just gotta get it all out, right? And there you have it… The story of how Derrick C Brown made me cry.

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