From chapbook to perfect bound…

I’ve been posting over in my tumblr about how I am converting my chapbook into a 6×9 perfect bound paper back, but I haven’t said a thing about it over here in WordPress! So… going to copy and past the tumbr entries here…


Working on my first official manuscript…

I have printed many chapbooks since 2008. Some at home, some through a local print shop. Now I am upgrading to self-publishing a perfect bound book! I figure once I get this first selfie done, then I will move on to the next step and send my work to REAL publishers with, you know, standards.

Once the book is ready to print, I will post where you can order it! ^_^


Using CreateSpace for my first perfect bound printing…

So far I really like how easy it is! For some reason my version of Word does not seem to allow me to convert to PDF. Luckily, CreatSpace accpets word docs and converts to PDF for me! :-D Then the site has this super cool interactive graphic book where I can turn the pages and look at a very realistic example of what my book will be.

I don’t even remember who suggested CreateSpace to me, but whoever it was – THANK YOU!!!  ^_^


I really like CreateSpace…

It’s great that it has the realistic preview. I have been able to see formatting issues WAY easier. Of course I have had to redo the book like three times so far. Plus every time I look at my Word doc I find more small errors like typos and words that need to be changed for context. I’ll get this together soon! :-)


FINALLY finished editing and formatting my book!

I’m sure when I get the proof copy that I will still find an error or two, but it feels good to finally be done with the interior formatting. Now on to the cover!


The cover is a bit of a challenge…

I’m still working on my perfect bound self-published book through CreateSpace. I wanted to use my own cover design but getting the formatting to match their specifications is giving me a bit of trouble. Now to check out their templates and see if I can fit my images and font into them in a way that suits what I want creatively. I’ll keep you posted! :-)



I still want to do some minor tweaks but technically it’s ready to go! :-D


Since I posted my cover, decided to post a screen cap of the super cool review tool on CreateSpace. I’m looking forward to having that first proof copy to see how the real thing turns out! :-)


Doing just a little at a time…

I could just sit down for 5-10 hours and knock all this self publishing stuff out at once, but I’d rather just do a bit here and there. Easy to get super burnt out if I work for hours and hours at a time (I still have an unfinished project from 2008 that I worked on for 5-10 hours per day for a few weeks!)

Right now I just finished checking out Amazon to figure out what is an appropriate price. I looked at new poetry paperbacks and the prices start from $6.47. When I sorted from high to low the top of the page had OUTLANDISH new book prices listed. The high price was $11,954.89 which I sincerely doubt is a real price for that book. I think it is more about putting the book at the top of the listing so people will buy the Kindle version for $9.

I would like to get $5 royalty per copy but per the CreateSpace royalty calculator, it looks like if I price it at 9.99 then I get $3.84 from Amazon. I don’t want to price the book too much higher than that because I sell my chapbooks for $10 and that includes shipping. Plus, I want people who can’t spend $14.99 on a book to still be able to get my book. I have to charge 11.99 retail on Amazon to get $5 royalty per book. Not too bad of a price I think.

Also, I could put it on more outlets to increase the chances of my book being seen (and therefore increase the chance it will be bought). I could pay $25 to get it put on more outlets other than CreatSpace and Amazon but I’m not ready for that today… maybe later this week. We’ll see.

The cool thing about CreatSpace is that it looks like my completed book will also go to Kindle Direct Publishing for review as well. I got a message that a print ready cover has to be uploaded. I am going to wait to hear what the review comes back as because I think that the front cover I uploaded SHOULD be sufficient. We’ll see.

In the meantime… For 25 poems (about 40 pages of actual poetry) printed in paperback, what price do you think I should put the book at?



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