#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — Original Woman

I decided I would start to post my old poems once a week so that you can see where my head used to be… these will be cross posted from my livejournal.com in chronological order from when I first started that blog back in 2004… I’m almost scared to see how some of my old poetry stands the test of time… Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

So… let’s get this series started!


(Original post date/time: 2004-01-31 08:23:00)

She was found on mama continent
Eve heaven sent
Mother of Man she represent
And yet [the] Pale [ones] still not repentant

Of falter fate gave her progeny
Twisted devil prone to misogyny
Caving mother’s daughter sisters into dark odyssey
Moving Mama Original Woman’s brood on the sea

Archaeologist dug deep in Africa soil
Looking for proof of man toil
Arian pride thoroughly foil
Placing Black firmly at base of foundation of double helix coil

And she lives this original lady
In the faces of sister girl and her baby
Broad nose dark skin like brown and shady
Definitely child of Mother Eve, not maybe

Kinky curly locks and tresses
Regardless of current modes of dresses
Living as original woman child in modern stresses
Waiting for day White of crimes confesses

She be
Found even in part European me
Americanized posterity
Clinging to colorless former master identity

But still ever present in bloodline
Even when so thin fine
Descendants still carry gene sign
Of perfect original design

Marked forever by Eve omen
Perfect and beautiful Original Woman

Click the pic to see what inspired this poem

Fossil found in Ethiopia of ancient female remains

SIDE NOTE: items in brackets are edits because someone who read this poem recently did not know who “Pale” meant

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