From chapbook to perfect bound (part 2)

I’ve been posting on my tumblr about my experience with to self-publish my chapbook into a perfect bound book and I also submitted my audio to have my CD available to sell online as print on demand. Going to pick up where I left off in the last post.


So now I am waiting to see if my uploads pass the final review. I am guessing this is the part where an actual human being looks at the files. Super cool that it will all be put over to Kindle Direct Publishing for me!  CreateSpace has been pretty awesome so far. If only getting a book published traditionally were this easy! :-P


Still working on this book…
The review came back that the cover needed some changes. I changed the cover and resubmitted. Hopefully I will hear back that all is well and I can move on to the Kindle step.
While I’m waiting I started a CD project so that I can do on-demand CDs too. I’ll let you know how that turns out. :-)


Review of my book upload is complete! :-D
Got the email that my book passed review and now I need to check the proof. They offer a free PDF that I can download and print but I decided to go with ordering a physical copy of the book to proof it. It will get here in about a week (I could’ve paid for expedited shipping but I chose not to).   I’M SO EXCITED!!!! ^_^


I mentioned that I started a CD project on CreateSpace…
I don’t have AIFF files so I am using my mp3s. I was thinking I could download my  CD in AIFF format since I have free codes to use on bandcamp. But… no AIFF option on bandcamp (four or five OTHER options, just no AIFF). So… I downloaded a higher quality mp3 format to maximize my upload to CreatSpace.   in the meantime, I kind of got hung up on the cover part of the CD set up… it is a bit more complicated than the book cover since there is the booklet AND the jewel case insert (the images behind plastic in clear cases) AND the image on the CD itself. My files are just for a simple insert card so I have a lot of changes to make.


FINALLY finished the CD project upload…
Files are reviewed within 10 business days. I’m a little concerned because there was no clear place for the side text so it may come out with none and that may not be approved.
Once I get the notification that my CD is good to go, I will post a link. :-)



It was well worth the $6 (which includes shipping) to get it and have a production quality book in my hands. Sadly, it seems like every other page has an error that SOMEHOW was missed in the numerous times I went over the text and cover. There were a lot of things that I could have swore I already corrected before uploading. This delays my Kindle release until I get it all squared away. :-/

So… I have to be sure that ALL the corrections I made/am making are actually SAVED in the file that I upload for the corrections. I’ve already corrected the front cover image since what is wrong with that is not visible in the online preview that I looked at when I was setting it up. Now to fix all the little interior typos and be sure the saved item is 100% correct. I’m thinking I should print out the Word doc this time, but since I don’t have a printer it may actually be cheaper to have the proof sent (just not as quick).

Back to work for me while I wait for the CD to be reviewed and see if that comes out the way I want. I’ll keep you posted! :-)


CreateSpace stuffs…

So yesterday I finished up the corrections on the book and resubmitted the files for the interior and cover… Today I got the message that the proof was ready for the book and for the CD as well. So I ordered the proof for the CD (no online proof option was available for the CD). I decided to order the proof of the book as well. Turns out that was a mistake because I realized I didn’t double check the online proof first and OF COURSE when I looked at it there was a blank page missing in the front that messed up the arrangement of my pages. OH WELL. I’ll wait for the new proof book to just have for me and then I will submit the RE-edit with the blank page added and THAT will be what gets printed.

I decided to just submit to Kindle as is.  Thankfully CreateSpace allows for the Kindle file transfer without the print proof being approved by me so I am able to review what the Kindle version will look like… I don’t  like how the margin formatting looks on the online preview of the Kindle version… I was hoping it was set up to auto size to fit to the screen. More work to do I guess. I’ll keep you posted! :-)


STILL working on the CreateSpace and Kindle stuffs…

I still had one minor error in formatting on the print version and trying to get the ebook to look right is not going well since the formatting is dependent on the device used and the size of font the reader decides to use. So… for the kindle I just changed where the page breaks are and for the print book I added the blank page so the flow of the book would be correct. I’m not going to order another print since it was my own fault for not checking the online print first. Or maybe I will order another print just to have it. We’ll see after the file review is complete.

On the sales end… I went ahead and paid the extra $25 to have my book in more markets event though I have no idea if it will really do any good. I chose the 70% royalty on the ebook on to hopefully maximize my earnings there. We’ll see how that works for me in the short and long run. Stay tuned!


I got my hard copy proof of the second edit…

I am STILL finding things in it that I could have SWORE were already corrected and saved on the file I uploaded. Still worth saving the $350 to do all this myself and not have someone else do all this checking and rechecking.

In the meantime, the Kindle is up and running and is the only thing that comes up if you search Niccolea. Only $3.99 for the ebook. :-)


Got my proof copies of my poetry book and CD!


My first professional looking CD! ^_^

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