#WBW = Write Bloody Wednesday — #4: Adventures with Jon Sands… sort of…

Continuing my series on my favorite Write Bloody poets…

From the Write Bloody website:

Jon Sands

DOB: 6/15/1983

Jon Sands has been a professional teaching and performing artist since 2007. He’s a recipient of the 2009 NYC-LouderARTS fellowship grant, and has represented New York City multiple times at the National Poetry Slam. He is the Director of Poetry and Arts Education Programming at the Positive Health Project, as well as a Youth Mentor with Urban Word-NYC.

I found out about Jon Sands fall of 2007 when I checked out the MySpace profile of a poet called “Survivor”  who was scheduled to come out to Phoenix. I connected with him on MySpace and carried that connection over to facebook because honestly his poetry is AMAZING. I was a super huge Jon Sands fan gurl every time he posted anything or was coming to AZ. I would repost all of it. I still really enjoy his work.

I got to meet Jon when his ride to the venue fell through and I got enlisted by local poet and host Jeremiah Blue to give him a ride to the event. Jon is a great guy in addition to being a wonderful poet. I must say I love that about the national poetry scene, there are so many absolutely great people!

If you get a chance, you DEFINITELY should check out Jon’s work!

Me with Jon Sands back in 2008 when he featured at Words In The Alley. My friend Tufik who took the picture told us to act like we were drunken newlyweds at a Vegas chapel. I think I took the direction a bit too well!


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