#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — Across Infinity

Continuing with cross posting old poems from my poetry livejournal.com blog. I said in the last post that I started it in 2004, but actually I started it in 2005 and back posted some old poems. I’m just going through the posts in the order they come up in my blog. So for the next one…

(Original post date 2004-09-20 14:02:00)

I opened my eyes…
and found myself staring across infinity
lifetimes… and universes.. and ages… and dimensions
looking into the eyes of God and His creation
being told the secrets of existence in a language without words
a knowledge inexplicable
that only my deepest soul understands
detached from traditions stipulations and limitations
and yet simultaneously comforted by their familiarity
carried across eternity zig-zagging and spiraling in a straight line
wrapped in paradox and oxymoron of etheric and esoteric idiosyncrasies
blinded by the mundane into a perceived separation from Divinity
powers that be
in this realm hoping that the free
and those who know the truth stay few and far between
the phrase “I am God”
to be heard by the masses
as blasphemous
not realizing that Creator exists in creation
and by creation, existence of the Creator is manifest
beings called “lower”
know truths without voices
beings egotistically calling themselves higher
set into pitfalls of false “choices”
rigorously regimented by the rigmarole referred to as reality
the drumbeat of mediocrity of day-to-day drowning out the call of immortality

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Photo from PORTERS ON ENLLI blogspot.

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