#WBW = Write Bloody Wednesday — #5: Mike Mcgee is awesome

Continuing my series on my favorite Write Bloody poets… What better way to continue than with one of the nicest guys I have ever met: MIKE MCGEE (I know a lot of nice folks so this is no easy task to make my top 5!)

From the Write Bloody website:

Mike Mcgee

As a Poetry Slam competitor in the U.S., Mike has competed at the National Poetry Slam on team San José several times. In 2003, McGee won the coveted National Poetry Slam Individual Grand Championship, besting over 300 nationally ranked poetry slammers.

I met a lot of GREAT writers back in 2009 when Ed Mabrey moved to Phoenix, AZ and started the Thursday and Friday night Black Pearl poetry events. One of the first ones I remember was Mike McGee. His performance was lively and mostly humorous. He could even tackle the serious stuff without being preachy about it. I of course got his CD and also got his book (which will be going with me when I sail around the world). I wish I had a more detailed story to illustrate why I say Mike McGee is awesome but anyone who has seen him perform and/or has met him can definitely cosign on the awesomeness of this man.

Sadly, the few times I spent with Mike we never got a picture together! So… I’ll have to settle for this pic off of facebook instead. *sad panda face*

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