#FAF = Follower Appreciation Friday — Thank you klvnhrpr! ^_^

As of Thursday 10/17/2013, I have FORTY followers on this blog!
I know, for most bloggers that probably doesn’t sound like a lot but for me that is big news! :-D

New follows from Friday 10/12 through Thursday 10/17:
ianblackpoet (http://ianblackpoet.wordpress.com/)
Shawn L. Bird(http://shawnbird.com/)



This weeks follower poem recipient is klvnhrpr (Kelvin Harper) who has been following my blog for 1 year! Thanks Kelvin! :-) 


Kindness is the way of the should
Even in the face of the cruelty of the is
Leaving our souls open to our minds’ interpretation
Vying for the attention of our hearts
I am only one light in a galaxy of stars
Now I know that you shine too

Happiness is another word for abomonation
At least that is how some see it
Really the absolute is a mystery
Person to person we are examples of imperfection
Examples of the slight sideways lean
Relative to the nonexistent upwards of the universe

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