#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — Drawn In By The Lies

It’s that time of week again dear readers! Feedback welcomed and appreciated…


Drawn In By The Lies
(Original post date/time: 2004-11-01 11:03:00)

it seems a shame in my mind to find
that the only guys that spark passionate desire
and extraordinary heat and fire
are the ones who by their look
I am utterly shook but read them like a book
one glance is all it took
to know that they are cads who do as they please
avoid virtue as though it were a disease
caring only about their own needs
gathering sex with utter greed
not caring about a better creed
of wife and family

and don’t ever let him be
in any way involved in the entertainment industry
especially if on the stage is where he longs to be
because those are the ones who really give their sex away for free
with not even a tiny thought of monogamy
and seems these guys always seem to be finding me
and they hypnotize with their eyes
and woo me with their lies
because they know that the truth
would have them permanently blocked
from getting between my thighs

so like a sucker I believe
and am drawn in to the web they conceive
crafted with the purpose to deceive
so my virtue they retrieve
after which they bounce and I am left to grieve
SIDE NOTE… I cringe to read this now… posting it anyway just to show the varying range of my poems.

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