#FAF = Follower Appreciation Friday — Thank you divinedirtclod23! ^_^

Thanks so much to all of you for following my blog! I really appreciate your support and feedback! ^_^

Shouts out to this week’s new followers!
Ingrid D.
Bill Johnston


This week’s follower poem recipient is divinedirtclod23 (http://divinedirtclod23.wordpress.com) who started following my blog 1 year ago. Thanks for your support, Demetrius! ^_^


Divisions are ingrained into our subconsious
Internally wired from generations of indoctrination
Visceral images haunt our souls
Inviting us to perpetuate the madness
Never seeming to realize there is another path
Even in this deep rut, we have choices

Divinity is what we all claim
Internally made from pieces of what we call God
Resting in the surity of this thought
Thinking this is all that is needed

Cluttering our minds with multiple facets of reality
Littering our souls with prideful falsehoods
Only the spirit can decipher these codes
Delving more deeply than the mind can

Twisted perceptions presented as the norm
Worm their way into our collective psyche
Even when logic tells otherwise
Never getting its proper hold
This lie that we have been told
Yet another cog in the wheel of society

This is how we define our being now
Hovering in attempts at balance
Reeling in the wasteland of ignorance
Everything can be found if one looks
Everyone can be loved if one tries


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