#WBW = Write Bloody Wednesday — #10: Jeanann Verlee

Continuing my series on my favorite Write Bloody poets…

From the Write Bloody website:

Jeanann Verlee

She has represented New York City three times at the National Poetry Slam at the Urbana Poetry Slam and The louderARTS Project. Verlee was the highest-scoring individual poet at the 2008 National Poetry Slam Finals, is the 2009 NYC-Urbana iWPS Champion, and represented NYC-louderARTS at the 2010 Women of the World Poetry Slam.

I have never loved someone I have never met quite as much as I love Jeanann Verlee. I was exposed to her via Myspace back in 2008 via another NYC poet who went by the name Survivor. Her poetry was (IS) a rock slide in the brain. Sometimes this was a good thing.She is one of the NYC-louderARTS poets that I connected to that year and she is definitely an example of how AMAZING those poets are! I kept up with her for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) back in April 2008 and was totally enthralled with her style and creativity. 

As if my utter respect for her as a poet wasn’t enough, I found reason to have the highest regard for her as a person as well. When the females (including transgender) gathered together online to talk about issues specific to women in poetry slam, I had the honor of being invited to be in that circle. The things that were brought up were deeply important and necessary even if they were harsh and hard to hear sometimes. In one of the deep heartfelt issues that came up Jeanann put herself and her story out there. I don’t know about anyone else but for me her bravery was a source of strength and a reason for solidarity as a fellow member of woman kind.  Sadly, if she has ever been in Phoenix or anywhere in AZ, I missed the show. Hopefully I get a chance to see her perform live someday soon!


Image from an article: http://ragazine.cc/2010/02/jeanann-verlee/   (Click the image to see more of her poetry)

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