#FAF = Follower Appreciation Friday — Thank you daqueensays! ^_^

This week’s follower poem recipient is:
daqueensays  (http://thecityfrommyeyes.wordpress.com)
who started following my blog 1 year ago. Thanks Danielle for your support! ^_^



Distance brings the story that makes a life
Another day to experience

Quietly shrouded in thoughts at the days end
Until the morning when it all gets done again
Every city has its own dream
Every traveler has their own journey
Needless to say paths sometimes cross

So this is why we reach out
And look to others for their sight
Yearning to be what we desire
Solving our souls problems with wisdom


The skies can be cold
Heaven is so high
Even the angels fled west to the sea

Crying the ocean
Intimate with spectacle
This land and water
Yearning for more

Fly free from the snow capped tips
Reaching for the bottoms of God’s feet
Only you can make this happen
Make blue for blue by your wings

Make the sun shine in your favor
Yes, even the sun bow to your will

Eyes can only see if open
Yet so many walk as if blind
Etching the sand with sticks
Seeking only their own darkness

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