#WBW = Write Bloody Wednesday — #11: Robbie Q Telfer

Continuing my series on my favorite Write Bloody poets…

From the Write Bloody website:

Robbie Q Telfer

Telfer lives in Chicago where he curates the Encyclopedia Show, writes the serialized blog-novel The Chronicles of Professor Fliggins, and is the Director of Performing Arts for Young Chicago Authors (YCA). He was a finalist at the National Poetry Slam in 2007.

Robbie Q Telfer is one of those people who if you pay attention to slam poetry on a national level you have at least heard his name. I don’t remember how we came to be connected online but he is one of the few people that I added to my online circle of acquaintances without having met him at least once first. Honestly, I know Robbie more for his events than for his poetry and have found him to be an alternately insightful and entertaining online friend but only have read his poetry a few times over the years. Still, good enough to put him on my list of Write Bloody favorites for this blog! His writing is witty and insightful with a fair balance of the serious just like the poet himself.

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