#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — A CRUSH

So… if you have been following along for the past few months, then I’m sure you noticed as I did that there seems to be a definite theme to the recent throwbacks… I was kind of on a love trip of some kind, eh? Well regardless… as always feedback is welcomed and appreciated! :-)


(Original post date/time: 2004-12-10 12:02:00)

There is that moment
of seeing that someone
and not knowing anything about them.
Yet, there is this attraction.
The distraction of the eyes
that winds it’s way deep into the mind.
And I feel this way.
I saw the outer and it was good.
With time more and more to see
of a simple light
that is small but strong and grows.
I saw the attractive outer of brown skin
of I think Aztec origin.
The cut of the frame
as it held the garment
and felt curious.
I am bold with my ember
and try to see if I can set it to spark.
But the spark does not ignite.
Still there is this.
I listen
and learn more of the person
behind the attractive exterior.
And it deepens slowly this attraction.
Deepening at the knowledge
of poetry and art,
the sensitivity of the heart,
the quietly wild and dangerous part.
So different from me and yet the curiosity grows
And continues to grow
This crush



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