Writers Wednesday — #1: Malcolm-Jamal Warner

OK so I was doing “Write Bloody Wednesday” and I highlighted my absolute faves from Write Bloody Publishing but not ALL of my favorite poets are with them… so… starting a NEW weekly series of just writers I appreciate regardless of who publishes them (if they even are published). I figured I would start with Malcolm-Jamal Warner since I happened to have met him back in October 2006.

Of course Mr Warner is mostly an actor first, and a musician second with poetry just as an additional outlet for his creativity, but that doesn’t stop me from putting him on this list!

From Malcolm-Jamal Warner’s website:

“It’s funny, people aren’t so much surprised that I have a band as much as they are that we’re good,” chuckles Malcolm-Jamal Warner, contemplating the buzz surrounding his jazz/funk band, Miles Long. Having performed to packed houses on the LA club circuit, playing in several jazz festivals, and opening for high profile acts such as Earl Klugh and Luther Vandross, Warner has finally released the debut EP, “…the miles long mixtape..” Warner comfortably and convincingly leads his crew through several head- bobbing tunes with heavy bass grooves (electric and upright) and dynamic spoken word.



So from that blurb above, exchange “have a band” to “do spoken word” and that about sums up my surprise at seeing Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Def Poetry Jam! I had watched him on The Cosby Show when I was a teen and later I watched Malcolm and Eddie and I streamed Jeremiah on Netflix when I found it. (I forgot what I was originally searching for but it was a great find!)

I was thrilled when local host Divine Muhammad brought him to my favorite venue Paper Heart for a one man poetry show. Of course Mr Warner put on an excellent show and I bought his CD. He was very low key and down to earth so taking the picture with him didn’t have the OMG SUPER STAR TIME WOW feel that I expected. All in all it was a great night!


Me and Malcolm-Jamal Warner October 2006 at the Paper Heart gallery

SIDE NOTE… I kind of miss the days when everyone was using MySpace because he was much more approachable back then. Ah well…

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