#WW = Writers’ Wednesday — #3: Ed Mabrey

The series about poets I admire and respect continues! This week is the inevitable Ed Mabrey…

From Ed Mabrey’s website:

An accomplished poet, spoken word artist, writer, life coach, motivational speaker, comedian and actor, Ed Mabrey is driven by an incredible passion for creating experiences with every performance. His performances are often noted for their unique blend of passion, grace, creativity and fire. Ed has created characters that are unforgettable and experiences that prove to be life changing.


I am pretty sure the poem in this video is a FREESTYLE… Seriously Ed??? Yeah, he’s THAT dude…

So… Ed Mabrey…
I remember the first time I saw Ed Mabrey as a feature performer at the semi-monthly Downtown Phoenix slam hosted by local poet Jeremiah Blue. This guy… the video does NOT do him ANY kind of justice even as amazing as it is. Seriously. He has this deep booming voice that demands your attention from the first syllable and then has the audacity to have actual skill with his wordsmithing! He did the poem about a teddy bear that BLEW ME AWAY. He was immediately my favorite poet ever at that moment. I of course bought a CD (if you have been reading this series for any length of time then you know that if a poet is good, a CD purchase is mandatory).

Phoenix, AZ had the good fortune to have Ed move to our town and tear it up with his Black Pearl poetry shows. The very first venture was HUGE. It was a concert at the Herberger Theater downtown that just was way more than anyone expected from the new guy on the block. He followed that up with a weekly college open mic at the MADCAP theater in Tempe’s Mill Ave district which had the second highest consistent attendance in the valley with 70-80 people being a slow night and also his youth show on Friday nights at the Civic Park location of Fair Trade Cafe in downtown Phoenix. His coaching of the Phoenix slam team got them further at nationals than any team from Arizona had ever gone. With him on the team in 2009 we made it to the top 10!

Basically, this guy is an amazing poet and knows his stuff. If you have not heard him, then you really need to click the link and youtube search this guy and then I know you will want to buy his book and or CDs. Seriously. No, really.

Since the only Ed pics I have are pretty silly… I figured I would put a professional looking pic here first!

After a Black Pearl show in 2009. Shenanigans at IHOP with that night’s feature Kevin Sandbloom, me, BP staffers Randi and Elly and of course the ever serious poet Ed Mabrey between them.

And the fun continues!

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