#TBT = Throwback Thursday! — BIRTHDAY (for Kevin Miranda)

For those who are just joining the program, every Thursday I am posting old poems in chronological order of when I posted them in my original livejournal.com blog. Some will be horrible things that I should never share with the public, but I’m sharing them anyway. This week’s entry isn’t a masterpiece, but it isn’t absolute dreck either. I’ll let you be the judge though! :-P 

BIRTHDAY (for Kevin Miranda)

Kind words on the day to celebrate the birth of you
Expectant of the things to do
Visiting with friends and family
In remembrance of what was and anticipation of the things to be
Now is when we take this time

Memories mingled with dreams
Instant sentiment at the edges and seams
Realization of your special worth
Anniversary celebrating your birth
Nods and smiles surround
Definite joys abound
A day of thoughts sublime
(originally posted on livejournal.com Jan. 31st, 2005 at 1:06pm)

… Did you notice? The poem is an acrostic of the birthday boy’s name! :-)

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