Fiddling with My WordPress Site

I am trying to figure out how to get the content I want where I want it. I know there is a way to add a link to categories but as of this writing I am WordPress theme challenged. I will post again once I figure it out! :-P

3 thoughts on “Fiddling with My WordPress Site

  1. In the dashboard tools there is a make categories into links on the main page navigation. Otherwise you can add categories as a sidebar navigation. I’ll give you more precise instructions once I’m in front of my computer. See my homepage page for how it looks. I use both options.

  2. ok, found it. If you want to add categories to the primary top menu (where about and home links are, go to Dashboard > Appearance > menus. Under Pages select Categories and a list of your categories appears. Create a new menu (use the link on top and give it whatever name you wish)Select the ones you wish to add to your primary menu and click add. They will appear on the right as part of your primary menu. Then Save. Then go to the “Manage locations on top and select your new menu as the primary navigation. To add a list of your categories to a side menu go to the Widgets link under Appearance instead. Of course not all themes allow the same functions, but these are pretty basic so it should work.

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