#MLM = #MyLifeMonday – Simple Magic

I had intended on having this blog for more personal posts as well as for my poetry but haven’t really been doing that… so… a little thought I had and decided to share…

Life is a magical thing sometimes. I look around me at the magnificent Pacific Northwest that I now live in and am amazed daily. I am small town now. Kept close to the water by my bipedal mode of transportation, I find that my living area is really an even smaller section of this tiny hamlet (The Uniontown neighborhood to be exact). Especially since it is fall now.

The nearly constant gray skies are reason to take extra vitimin D and multivitamins. Tuesday November 11th was Vetreans Day. It was a rare time with sun in the sky and yet there I was indoors at the nearest coffee shop working on my blogs. Even so… life is still filled with little bits of magic. The sun in the sky is enough wonder for me. :-)

Rainbow over the West Mooring Basin. Astoria, Oregon on the Columbia River.

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