I Don’t Think of You As Black – What NOT to Say

I write blog posts sometimes…


colorblind Photo source: http://erlc.com/article/jesus-is-not-colorblind-celebrating-racial-and-ethnic-diversity-in-the-loca

I realize that most of the people who have said “I Don’t Think of You As Black” to me over the years did not mean to be insulting when they said it. Most of them probably saw themselves to be as benevolent as the two cute little girls in the picture above.  I started with that picture because how I viewed life as a child was that people were people.  We were different in a lot of ways: tall, short, skinny, chubby, etc.  The culture of ethnicity never came up for me that much in elementary school (see my blog post about my experiences here).

We grow into our cultural identities, and I don’t think that to be aware of one’s heritage is necessarily a bad thing. The only time it becomes such is when one uses that pride to harm and/or stifle others.  Then there is the…

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