NaPoWriMo 30/30 Challenge – Prompt 1

NaPoWriMo = National Poetry Writing Month
The name “NaPoWriMo” is after NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month in November). It has been attributed to  Maureen Thorson, a poet from Washington, DC who started writing a poem a day in her blog back in 2003 and invited others to do the same. I found out about this 30/30 challenge in 2008 from the MySpace posts of the NYC Def poet Roger Bonair-Agard and through him found other well known NYC poets who were participating. I have done the challenge every year since.

Every year I have produced a limited edition chapbook from the poems I wrote during April. I have done as many as 90 and as few as 26 poems in the month. This year I am kicking it up a notch by not only participating, but using prompts from Rachel McKibbens. On top of this, I plan on doing the annual chapbook as a perfect bound book and all profits will be divided evenly between Rachel McKibbens’ Outlast Project and the local women’s shelter.
(If you would like to pre-order this book, you can do so for $15 via PayPal to and please be sure to include your shipping address. THANK YOU!)

But to get to the title of this post… THE PROMPT… Since I am publishing this work, I am not doing what I have done in the past which is to post the unedited poems. Instead I am posting the prompts as I received them (not necessarily in the order that Rachel posted them). And so we begin! :)

If your body is a church, what memory is its god?


I would love to know if you are participating as well! Let me know in the comments. :-)



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