The Progress – Day Nine, Poem Nine

As usual, writing out the process of all this poetry writing. I always wonder about other people’s process so I decided to do my own in this blog. I hope it is helpful or at the very least somewhat entertaining. ^_^

Now to look at the process…

PROMPT: Ten lessons blood taught you.

1. I am made of iron
2. There is always more
3. I can and will rebuild
4. I am made of stardust
5. Because of #4, I am the whole universe
6. Pain is temporary
7. Sometimes you have to let it flow
8. I am amazing (see #4 & #5)
9. Inside, I am warm
10. (…)

Made the above list pretty easily until #10… then I felt like it should be THE MOST IMPORTANT THING.

I closed my eyes and felt my own heart beat. I could almost feel the blood in constant motion in my veins and arteries. I called out to the universe and in to the cosmos of my own body. I cried inside to the spirit of poetry to find that last MOST IMPORTANT THING. And then it came to me like a flash of light: LIFE… THE BLOOD IS THE *LIFE*!!! Now to figure out how to say this list in a more poetical way. Let the writing begin!


What is your process when you write? Is there anything that is your standard “go-to” method? Do you use prompts or just write from your own thoughts? I would love to hear your take on this in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ^_^

I plan on doing the annual chapbook as a perfect bound book and all profits will be divided evenly between Rachel McKibbens’ Outlast Project and the local women’s shelter.  If you would like to pre-order this book, you can do so for $15 via PayPal to and please be sure to include your shipping address. THANK YOU!


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