The Progress – Day Eleven, Poem Eleven

It’s only 11 days in and I have to be honest… I think all this poeming is making me tired y’all. I will keep on keeping on though! So for today’s edition…

PROMPT ELEVEN: Who was your coldest night?

I really don’t want to write a whole book of poetry about THAT ONE GUY but he was the darkest day and the coldest night and the worst nightmare and the source of my greatest shame and regret and the hands that wolfed me and the light that gassed me and all the bad things that everyone hopes will never happen to them. So… Gonna write ANOTHER poem about something that I really thought I had written as many poems over the past 13 years that I would ever write (over 100 I bet although I have never actually sat down and counted them all).

So here we go… Wrote a very short poem. I am thinking it is because I am tired of the subject matter creeping into this work over and over again. I think when I rearrange the order of the poems, I will put this short poem towards the front as an introduction before I kill my shame and murder the hands that wolfed me.


What is your process when you write? Is there anything that is your standard “go-to” method? Do you use prompts or just write from your own thoughts? I would love to hear your take on this in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ^_^

I plan on doing the annual chapbook as a perfect bound book and all profits will be divided evenly between Rachel McKibbens’ Outlast Project and the local women’s shelter.  If you would like to pre-order this book, you can do so for $15 via PayPal to and please be sure to include your shipping address. THANK YOU!



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