I have to say that now that I am past the blatantly painful (for me) prompts, it almosts feels weird not to have to violently struggle to get the poem out. I’m not saying it’s easy per se, just not as gut wrenching. And on for today’s progress…

PROMPT SIXTEEN: A poem in two parts–describe safe as it was when you were small / what it is now.

It’s the 16th day of National Poetry Month and I am tired y’all. I really think the first three or four prompts ripped out my soul. I feel like the poems since have paled in comparison. Still OK… maybe even good… just not as great as I want them to be. May will be the time to review and edit once I have some distance from the subjects.

This poem is starting off abstract. It’s just places and situations. Maybe that is exactly how it should be. I think this will be a simpler poem. I don’t think creating a single place and weaving a narrative around that is what this poem needs. Plus, it has a bunch of small places instead of one big place… Maybe… I’m going to keep writing and see if I change my mind when I am done with what is basically ending up as a list poem.

One thing I am noticing as I list the “safe” of my childhood, that my safe now is not that different. The only thing really different is no treehouses and I stopped running to Mama for comfort at about 12. Interesting.

This is the list that I am going to attempt to make sound more poetic:
Safe as it was when you were small…
under the covers warm
top of the tree in summer sun
cuddle with the kitty
hidden by mother’s arms
in the notes of a song
in the pages of a book

What safe is now… The only changes are:
top of the building in the summer sun
hidden by lover’s arms

Going to see what I can build from this foundation. The poeming continues!


What is your process when you write? Is there anything that is your standard “go-to” method? Do you use prompts or just write from your own thoughts? I would love to hear your take on this in the comments!

Thanks for reading! ^_^

If you would like to read these poems I’m writing, I plan on doing the annual chapbook as a perfect bound book and all profits will be divided evenly between Rachel McKibbens’ Outlast Project and the local women’s shelter in my area.  If you would like to pre-order this book, you can do so for $15 via PayPal to nmnance@gmail.com and please be sure to include your shipping address. THANK YOU!

Also, stay tuned for the Kickstarter for the pre-order! 


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