Remember How I Was Going to Make a Book?

Just to let the new people in on it, in February/March Rachel McKibbens was doing an Indiegogo campaign for The Outlast Project to fund a tour to promote awareness for sexual assault. When she was getting closer to her goal, Rachel started posting a poetry prompt for every $100 raised and posted on Facebook and Twitter. By the end it was OVER FORTY prompts!

Here’s where I come in.  I decided to write a poem from each of the prompts for my usual National Poetry Month poem-a-day (aka 30/30) challenge. PLUS, I would make this book dedicated to the The Outlast Project and give the profits to charity. I contacted Swimming With Elephants Publications (a small press out of Albuquerque that does wonderful work) and made a tentative agreement for them to publish the book for me.

As of now…
I have sent the first draft manuscript to the publisher as well as the mock up of a possible cover and am waiting for feedback before doing the next step in editing/distribution. I had wanted to have the book in shops I used to participate in but have not heard back yet so I need to touch base with them again. I have not made the Indiegogo for the pre-orders yet so that needs to be done ASAP. Stay tuned for that. If you can’t wait until the campaign goes live, you can order via PayPal (

Thanks for your support! ^_^
~ Niccolea

OH! and here is a sneak peek of the tentative front and back covers.
(Click to see a larger image)


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