100 Rejections in 100 Days

The day after tomorrow there will only be 100 days left in 2016. I can’t even remember where I read about having a goal of 100 rejections in a year. With the year winding down I guess that means I will have to go for 100 rejections in 100 days.

I have THOUSANDS of poems if one counts haiku/senryu/couplets and the like. Heck, even NOT counting the micro-poetry, I have HUNDREDS of poems. So the hard part will be to decide WHICH poems to submit WHERE.

Because I am on a budget, I will have to find 100 literary mags that DON’T charge a submission fee. This public Google Doc has 172 lit mags that pay for poetry and a lot of them are free submissions.

Now, I could have titled this “100 SUBMISSIONS in 100 Days,” but the idea is that the ratio of acceptance is low so it’s best to just assume that they all are going to be rejected and then it is slightly less heartbreaking to get the “no” letters. That is the theory anyway. We’ll see how it actually goes.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for updates as I submit and get replies! ^_^




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