As Things Go & As I Go – Retiring the Blog Name

If you have been on my blog for a while, you may have noticed a change that I didn’t announce. I decided to talk about it today.

When I first got on, it was just so that I could follow all my friends who left LiveJournal and MySpace.

Back then, this was just a personal blog of my life and poetry. “As Things Go & As I Go” was a great name for a random meandering blog of various things. It’s not, however, the best name for a blog specifically about submitting poetry and applying for grants, etc.

SO… This is now my OFFICIAL place to post about my books and submissions and other poetry related things (plus the occasional book recommendation). With that in mind, I changed the site heading to a more neutral “” and I hope that works for me going forward. If not, I will change it.

Anyhoo… just thought I would put this out here.

Thanks for reading!
~ Niccolea




I really like how travel blogger Emily Luxton has her WordPress set up and I am trying to figure out how to use all the widgets when I have the time in between a regular job,  relationship, and setting up my online shops to sell art gifts with my words on them. So expect my blog to look slightly different at least once a week even if it is just a change in the font size! :-P

Speaking of my online shops to sell art gifts with my words on them…
I have a Society6 store and cross post those items to my Square Market store (which has many more products on it).
Please check them out and let me know what you think!  :-)

Still tweaking my blog sharing and stuff…

Looks like it does NOT share if I do the “Quick Post” option. Duly noted.

Also… I need to turn off my tumblr  and Facebook share connections to my poetry twitter since it goes there in triplicate from WP, FB, and tumblr. OOPS.